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Patrick and Daniel Moon from my new book, Hidden Moon :)

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It was hard to draw twins. That, and I haven't been drawing lately.... also I'm running out of "new" character designs. LOL... :D

Daniel and Patrick have black hair. Still deciding on eyes.

EDIT: UPDATE! I colored the picture. I decided on hazel eyes :D

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This speech is brilliant. I adopt it as my life philosophy.

Christopher Hitchens, we lost one of the greatest thinkers.

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The more I see of dreamwidth, the more I like.

I have a sour taste in my mouth over everything going on at livejournal right now, and it feels a lot more like home here, even though I'm new. I don't know many people here yet, but I think I'm going to look around, join some comms, and get started.

I don't think I'll leave livejournal permanently, but it won't hurt to spend time in two places, and I certainly won't be buying another paid account from them ever again.
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Hello! I'm new to dreamwidth (I'm usually just on livejournal) but since it was no invite code week, I thought I better get one just in case LJ crashes or something. ah ha :D

I think I'll take a look around and see what this has to offer!

So, hello! I'm looking for friends! Add me and I shall add you back! :)


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